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Drivers and vehicles index


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Habitual Traffic Offender Law
Ham license plates (See Amateur radio license plates)

    Commercial Driver's Manual (Español)
    Motorcyclists' (Español)
    Motorists' (Español)

Handicapped parking
Harley-Davidson/Share the road license plate
Hazardous materials
Hearings, Administrative (Also see Safety responsibility administrative hearings

Heavy vehicle use tax
Heir (How to transfer a vehicle to an heir.)
Hobbyist license plate (Hobbyist motorcycle license plates)
Homemade vehicles, motorized
Hours and locations, DMV service centers

Human service vehicle license plates
Hunter trip permit


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    Card (Also see Photo identification card (ID))
    Documentation needed for voting ID
    Duplicate, driver license, instruction permit, ID card
    Fraudulent ID card

    Rental company identification number
    Salvage buyer (BID) card
    Stolen identification card 

Identity, proof of
IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement)
Ignition Interlock Devices (IID)
    Immobilizations and seizure statistics (1997-2004)

Impaired drivers
    Driving with a disability
    Driving with a medical condition
    Medically impaired drivers

Importer license
In God We Trust license plates
Indian bands/Tribal license plates

    Español - Información en Español de la División de Vehículos Motorizados (DMV)
    Law enforcement and courts
    Vehicle and driver records

Inspection, vehicle emission

Instruction permit
    Instruction permit (temps) Under age 18 or age 18 and older

    Motorcycle dealer license application
    Retail motor vehicle dealer license application
    Salvage dealer license application
    Wholesale motor vehicle dealer license application

Insufficient funds - checks returned

    Car insurance requirements
    Companies that accept applications for dealer bonds
    Motor carrier insurance
    Motor carrier insurance requirements
    Proof of insurance (SR22)
    Vehicle insurance for driving schools

Intent, Statement of - MV2489

    International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)
        Fuel tax - Record keeping information
    International Registration Plan (IRP)
        WI IRP Application Schedule A Vehicle Information - MV2914
        WI IRP Amendment Schedule B - MV2912
    International trip permit, 72 hour

Investigation, Dealer offices
IRP (International Registration Plan)


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    Judgment, damage
    Judgment, Notice of unpaid (See Traffic Violation & Registration Program

Junking a vehicle


Knowledge exam


Lac du Flambeau band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians license plates
Lao Veteran license plate

Late fee
    Driver license
    License plate

    Changes,  Commercial motor vehicle operators-(CDL)
    Drunk driving law changes
    Law, rule and policy changes (CDL)
    Motor vehicle laws

    Operating while suspended (OWS) & operating after revocation (OAR)
    Summary of major CDL legislation
    Transportation law

Law enforcement and courts
Law Enforcement Memorial license plate
Learner's permit (see Instruction Permit)
Lease agreement
Legal presence in Wisconsin (Act 126)

Legislation affecting commercial motor vehicle operators
"Lemon Law"
License, buyers
License manual (See Motorists' Handbook and Motorcyclists' Handbook)
License plate guide

License plates
    Abbreviations, Vehicle/plate type
    Amateur radio
    Antique vehicle (Antique motorcycle)
    Application (Also see Titles and plates for new residents)
    Apportioned full trailer

    Apportioned power unit
    Apportioned semi-trailer
    Availability - Find out what plates are available at each DMV
    Automobile, for-hire

    Brewers license plates
    Celebrate Children
    Civil Air Patrol
    Collector (Collector motorcycle)
    Collector special

    Dealer (Also see motorcycle dealer license plates, special dealer registration plates)
    Disabled parking (Disabled motorcycle)
    Disabled veteran
    Driver education

    Dual purpose farm
    Dual purpose vehicle
    Ducks Unlimited
    Emergency medical technician (EMT)
    Endangered Resources

    Ex-prisoner of war
    Farm, Dual purpose
    Farm trailer
    Farm truck
    For-hire automobile

    Gold Star
    Golf Wisconsin

    Green Bay Packers
    Guide, Wisconsin license plate
    Harley Davidson
    Heavy farm truck
    Hobbyist (Hobbyist motorcycle)

    Human service vehicle
    In God We Trust
    Indian bands/Tribal
    Insert trailer
    Insert truck

    Lac du Flambeau band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians
    Lao Veteran
    Law Enforcement Memorial
    License plates issued
    Lions Foundation
    Lost plate

    Mandatory display of license plates (Also see Temporary license plate agents)
    Marquette University
    Medal of honor
    Menominee Indian tribe of Wisconsin

    Milwaukee Brewers
    Motor home
    Municipal (Municipal motorcycle)
    Online renewal

    Oneida Indian tribe of Wisconsin
    Plate type abbreviations
    Recreational vehicle trailer and recreational vehicles

    Red-letter license plates
    Reissuance (replacing old style plates)
    Rescue squad member
    Renewal options

    Service providers (registration issuance or renewal services)
    Special design plates

    Special "UX" mobile equipment
    Special "X" (specific use vehicles)
    Special "Z"
    State owned vehicle
    State Patrol, Wisconsin (Wisconsin State Patrol motorcycle)

    Sticker, replacement sticker
    Suspended (Reinstating vehicle registration-parking tickets)
    Temporary (Also see Temporary license plate agents)
    Title/registration service providers

    Trailer dealer
    Trailer, "ZA"
    Transfer plates, how to
    Transferable trailer

    Tribal/Indian bands
    Trout Unlimited
    Truck - for hire carrier
    Truck, private carrier
    U.S. veteran motorcycle

    Urban mass transportation vehicle
    Vanity (See Special plates)
    Vehicle, Dual purpose
    Wisconsin National Guard

    Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation
    "ZA" trailer

    Looking up a lien
    Removing a lien from a title

Lions Foundation license plate
Listserv (Dealer electronic mailing list)
Locations and hours, Service center

    Driver license
    Driver license renewal
    Plate renewal notice


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    Address for mailing renewals
    Dealer electronic mailing list
    Lists (Withhold your name and address from mailing lists.)

Mandatory display of license plates

Commercial Driver's Manual (Español)
    Drivers (Motorists' Handbook) (Español)
    Motorcycle (Motorcyclists' Handbook) (Español)
    Salesperson (Motor Vehicle Salesperson Manual)

Manufacturer license
Marquette University license plates
Mass transportation (Urban) vehicle license plates
Materials, hazardous

Mature drivers

Medal of Honor license plate

    Driver medical concerns
    Fed Med cards
    Medical evaluation for drivers
    Medical exam for commercial drivers

Menominee Indian tribe of Wisconsin license plates

    Driver license - get a veteran identifier on your driver license
    License plates
        Plate design frequently asked questions (FAQs)
    Personnel - How to conduct business with DMV while on active duty

Milwaukee Brewers license plates
Misleading car ads

    Mobile homes and recreational vehicles
    Mobile home license plates

    Moped dealer license
    Moped license plates

Motor Carriers and trucking
    Divisible load permits
    Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)

    International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)
    International Registration Plan (IRP)
    IRP/Fuel tax record keeping information
    Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act (MCSIA)
    Non-divisible load permits

    Operating authority
    Oversize/Overweight forms and applications
    Oversize/Overweight permits
        Apply for a permit
        Forms and applications

        Multiple trip permits
        Permit requirements
        Seasonal weight restrictions
        Single trip permits
        Times of operation

        Determine if a permit is required
        Trip permits
        Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)

Motor home license plates

Motor vehicle
    Auction activities
    Dealer staff listing
    Manufacturer license

    Moped dealer license
    Moped license plates
    Motorcycle dealer license
    Motorcycle license plates
    Records (Obtaining driver or motor vehicle information)

    Recreational vehicle dealer license
    Report (see Request your own driver record)
    Representative license
    Retail dealer licensing
    Salesperson license

    Salesperson manual
    Salvage dealer license
    Service centers
    Special motor vehicle industry plates
    Wholesale auction dealer license

    Wholesale dealer license

    Crash facts - profile of crash information and motorcycling in Wisconsin.
    Dealer license
    Disabled motorcycle license plates

    Instruction permit
    License plates
    Motorcycle license – Class M
    Motorcycle license statistics

    Operation requirements
    Rider courses
    U.S. veteran motorcycle license plates

Motorized homemade vehicles
Multiple Offender Program
Municipal license plate (Municipal motorcycle license plate)

MVR (See driver record-request your own record; and Abstracts (driver records)


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    Change on your certificate of title
    Change on your driver license
    Proof of name and date of birth
    Proof of name change
    Withhold your name and address from mailing lists

National Guard license plate
Neighborhood electric vehicles (see low-speed vehicles)

New residents
    Obtaining a driver license with a suspended or revoked out-of-state license
    Obtaining a driver license with a valid out-of-state license
    Registration and title information
    Title and plates for new residents

Non-divisible load permits
Non-drivers (how to find alternative transportation)
Non operation of vehicle statement
Notice, privacy


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Occupational license eligibility - check your status
Odometer tampering
Off-premise sales by retail dealers

    DMV service centers
    Dealer field investigation offices
    Testing offices (See DMV service centers)

Official license plates
Oneida Indian tribe of Wisconsin license plates

Online - all online services
    Apply for a duplicate driver license
    Apply for a duplicate or renewal ID card
    Change your address
    Check eligibility and reinstate your driving privilege

    Driver license status check
    Financial responsibility status
    Find my closest DMV
    License plate look up
    Lien look up

    Occupational license eligibility
    Personalized plate look up
    Renew your license plate
    Request incidents that prevent you from obtaining a DMV product
    Request your vehicle record

    Request your driver record
    Schedule a road test
    Title and register your vehicle
    Where's my title?

Operators' licenses  (Driver license)
Opt-out - request to withhold name and address
Organ donor

Out-of-state license
    Suspended or revoked out-of-state license
    Valid out-of-state license
    Out of state traffic violation

Oversize/overweight permits (Also see Oversize-overweight permit)

OWI (See Administrative suspension: alcohol concentration


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Packers license plate

    Disabled identification cards
    Disabled license plates
    Disabled veteran license plates
    Special parking privileges for persons with disabilities
    Tickets (See Traffic Violation & Registration Program (TV&RP)

PARS (Public Abstract Request System)
Permission to pick up title - MV2932

    Divisible load
    Hunter trip permit
    Instruction (temps)
    Instruction, duplicate
    International trip permit (72-hour)

    Motor carrier
    Non-divisible load
        Multiple trip
        Single trip

    72-hour (international trip permit)
    Trip (motor carrier)

Personalized license plate
Personalized license plate search
Plate guide, Wisconsin license
Plates (see License plates)

    Charge codes and points - BDS108
    Charge codes and points with Statute numbers - BDS109
    Current status of your license
    Frequently asked questions

    GDL points and convictions
    Reducing (Also see traffic safety courses)
    Wisconsin's Point system

Pop-up trailers or camping trailers
Pre-trip and road tests for a CDL

Prisoner of War license plates
Privacy (See Driver's Privacy Protection Act - DPPA)
Privacy notice

Probationary license
    Graduated driver license
    Licenses issued
    Probationary & regular licenses issued

Problems with used car from dealership

    Insurance (SR22)
    Name and date of birth
    Name change

Purchase contract, vehicle (No-three day right to cancel)


    Driver license


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